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While we take pride in bringing you the best Chicken Biryani ever, we have an extensive list of items that grace our menu and are ready to serve! Keeping in mind the needs of our customer base, we have tried our best to keep the Biryani Menu rates as affordable as possible.

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Suitable as a light snack, these items are great to start your biryani experience with us

Along with this, we also serve Mixed Biryani which is a mega combo of Chicken, Mutton, Fish and Prawn Biryani. Juicy and succulent pieces of meat and fish paired with flavourful rice, this Biryani brings to you the authentic taste of quintessential Hyderabadi Biryani. You can order this Biryani at an affordable rate.

Best meal time !

Presenting to you flawless Biryani that is perfectly cooked and tastes perfect! These biryanis are an exquisite combination of the finest herbs and the tastiest, organic spices. Delicately balanced and cooked in desi dum style, our Biryani is an absolute delight!