Main Course Chicken`s Menu

Chicken Main Dishes

One of the many reasons that has made Indian food a popular cuisine across the world is the use of aromatic spices which really give our curries that extra edge. Indian cooking offers a beautiful blend of herbs and spices, and if you’re a fan of chicken, you’re in for a special treat. There are many delicious options for you to go out and enjoy a range of chicken dishes ranging from classic butter chicken to regional delicacies like chicken tandoor masala or chicken curry. The list really is endless, and we’re not complaining. If you are wondering how to get delicious Indian chicken dishes at home, we have listed some of the best chicken menus here for you.

Best Chicken Menu For Your Event

Looking for chicken dinner ideas or want chicken dishes for weddings, parties and corporate parties? There are so many great options! Find favourite dishes like Chicken Kasa, Chicken Shahi Korma, Chicken Chaap, Chicken Curry, and over 20 other top-rated dishes.