Main Course Fish`s Menu

Fish Dishes Ideas For Your Events

Among the common proteins served at weddings, parties or any other occasion, fish dishes are one of the lightest and healthiest. But when it comes to the menu for weddings, parties or any occasion, most people and couples opt for chicken or beef as they are considered to be safer options for the guests. On the other hand, fish dishes form an integral part of Bengali cuisine. It is impossible to think of Bengali wedding and reception catering without the preparation of fish. Certain Bengali occasions like Aiburobhat, Annaprashan, Blessing Ceremony, Paite, Baby Shower, and Matsya Mukhi Fish Menu are the only attractions.

However, to ignore fish is short-sighted, as there is a vast array of delicious seafood dishes that your friends and family will surely love.

Here are some delicious fish courses that you should consider serving on your Big Day.